Audit Defense & Appeals

Though companies often begin defending themselves against an audit once the assessment is issued, your defense against a tax audit actually begins years before the audit starts. Audits typically look back over a three to four year period, therefore your company must begin preparing today for an audit that may occur three to four years from now. Even still, once an auditor knocks on your door, there are a number of strategic and tactical decisions and actions steps your company can make before, during and after the audit that will ensure the fairest and most reasonable outcome to the audit. Engaging a sales tax expert in this process is the best way to ensure the optimal outcome to the audit.

Regardless of your efforts, your company may face an unjust and unfair auditor or an audit assessment that it wants to and should appeal. Through our experience and legal skills, we have successfully defended companies across the country and in nearly every industry, ranging in size from Fortune 100 to small sole proprietors. Our successful appeals have saved companies millions of dollars in unjust and unfair sales & transaction tax assessments. Whether it be a multi-million dollar state sales and use tax assessment, or a local admissions or license tax of $20,000, let us step in and take control of the matter. We will not only utilize our tax law expertise and professional relationships to ensure that your appeal is resolved successfully and fairly, but we will also pursue potential overpayments to be used as offsets or refunds in our appeal with the taxing authority.