Managing Sales Tax Audit

To Avoid Sales Tax Audit Red Flags, Here Are 7 Questions You Must Ask Your Team.

  1. Do we maintain a compliance checklist that we use to uniformly report trust taxes?
  2. Are we sending employees or representatives into other states - for any reason?
  3. Are we registered everywhere we send representatives - for any reason?
  4. Do we maintain obtain resale certificates from our resellers, and exemption certificates from our customers?
  5. Do we maintain detailed “ship to” reporting for our sales, demos, and promotional uses?
  6. Do we routinely accrue use tax on purchases?
  7. Do we periodically review our compliance records and reporting for accuracy and fitness for audit?

If you answer NO to any of these, or don’t know the answer, there is a HIGH probability you will be audited and/or have exposure. Click here to contact us.