Dillon Tax Consulting provides tax advisory services and solutions to companies across all industries, ranging in revenue size from several hundred thousand dollars to multi-billion dollars. Our expertise and professional relationships have enabled us to provide measurable value to our clients by:

  • identifying and securing seven- and six-figure refunds of tax overpayments, ensuring prospective annuity benefits as well;
  • identifying and minimizing multi-state and multi-tax obligations, resulting in reduced contingencies and enhanced bottom lines;
  • reviewing and streamlining compliance processes and enhancing internal controls, freeing internal corporate resources to pursue other opportunities;
  • representing taxpayers during sales and transaction tax audits and defending taxpayers on appeal after assessments have been issued and "all hope seems lost", resulting in successful resolutions of the matters prior to litigation.

Mike has reduced tax exposure and liabilities and recovered millions of dollars in state and local taxes through the the optimal provision of the following services: