Success Stories

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say...

"Michael, I’ve been meaning to send a quick note to you to tell you that you have been one of the best lawyer experiences I’ve ever had. You’re thoughtful, thorough, proactive and you know how to communicate. It’s been a pleasure. Just wanted to pass that along to you and say thank you with something more than just a check. 

          CEO - Global E*Commerce Retailer 

"[W]e take great measures to build good internal teams supplemented by expert third party consultants. Individuals, like Mike Dillon of Dillon Tax Consulting, are key to our success. Mike provides exceptional service in the area of Sales and Use Tax compliance. iJET’s management team depends on his expertise, responsiveness and thorough study of the tax laws. Mike has been a valuable extension of our internal operations. Recently, Mike was invaluable in support of our acquisition activities which included support of a prospective acquirer’s due-diligence efforts that were time sensitive and demanding. Mike performed flawlessly and his efforts resulted in successful acquisition transactions. We continue to utilize Mike’s services to remain compliant in the area of Sales and Use Tax strategies. iJET’s core values, include: Commitment, Integration, Collaboration, Innovation and Diversity. Mike has delivered on these core values through his work with us. He has my highest recommendation."
           A. Dinsmore - iJET International, Inc.

"We have found Mike to be professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. His customer service is exemplary as he can be counted on to respond to all inquiries quickly and follow up to all outstanding issues is a timely manner. As a result of my positive experience with Mike, I have referred both customers and vendors with similar tax compliance issues to Mike with full confidence that he will show them the same outstanding service as he shows USS."

            E.Eisenberg - United Sortation Solutions/Eurosort

"It’s been a pleasure working with you. You have provided us with great service and have definitely exceeded our expectations. I know that [Company] looks forward to continue working with you." 

             C.S. - Uniform Supply & Service Company

Voluntary Disclosure Agreement Success Stories

E-Commerce Retailer:  For online retailer with historical expsure due to nexus, successfully negotiated Voluntary Disclosure Agreements, tax settlements and payment plans for company in 40+ jurisdictions, avoiding over $2.5 Million in Tax ($1.9M), Interest ($100K) and Penalties ($500K), registering company and assisting in implementation of automated sales tax compliance solutions for business. 

Manufacturing Wholesaler / Retailer:  Successfully negotiated 21 VDAs for 3 foreign-owned US manufacturing subsidiaries in 7 states, limiting lookback period, obtaining and applying applicalbe resale exemptions to over 95% of sales, and abating all penalties, avoiding $10+Million in Tax, Interest and Penalties.  Registered company and assisted in implementing automated sales tax compliance and exmeption certificate management solution for business.

E-Commerce Retailers in General: Have represented several dozen Online Retailers and FBA Online Retailers in Voluntary Disclosure Agreements with more than 40 state taxing authorities, including California, Washington, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, Connecticut and Massachusetts, in negoatiating resolution of historical exposure, penalty abatement, payment plans OR proposective only registration and compliance, avoiding $Millions in potential Tax, Interest and Penalties. 

E-Commerce Retailer: For online retailer with in-state historical presence, negotiated Voluntary Disclosure Agreements, tax settlements and payment plans for company in 15 jurisdictions, avoiding over $5.4 Million in Tax ($4.1M), Interest ($300K) and Penalties ($1M), registering company in 12 additional states proposectively, and assisting in implementation of automated sales tax compliance solutions for business. 

Cloud-based Service Provider:  Avoided more than $2M in historical liability through VDAs, limiting lookback period, abating penalties, negotiating payment terms and registering the Company in several additional states.  Ultimately assisted Company to implement sales tax matrix and cloud-based sales tax automation platform.

SAaS Solution Provider:  Avoided over $2Million in Tax, Interest and Penalties througn successful completion of VDAs in 20+ states, registering the Company in a dozen more and assisting in the implementation of clou-based sales tax compliance solution. 

Audit Defense Success Stories

Construction Contractor:  After a sales tax audit hearing on the merits, reduced a Multi-million Dollar assessment by 50%, eliminating all penalties despite the audit determination that there was a more than 25% understatement of tax remittance, and reducing the interest by 60%.

General Contractor: Negotiated less than $5,000 assessment for $Multi-billion general contractor in several Virginia sales tax audits.

Warehouse Distribution Company: Negotiated less than $5,000 in error in both California and Indiana audit for warehouse distribution equipment retailer-installer. Successfully negotiated the voluntary disclosure of tax in several states, avoiding tens of thousands of dollars in back-taxes and penalties.

Media Company: Reduced D.C. sales tax assessment against media company by 85% from $2Million to $300,000, negotiating payment plan and penalty abatement.

Healthcare Company: On basis of arguments asserted at sales tax audit hearings for several clients, eliminated 66% of Maryland sales tax assessment and all penalties.

Hospitality Company: After hearing on the merits, reduced tax assessment by 60%.

Construction Company: After correspondence with State's attorneys and head of audit division, reduced tax assessment by 50% prior to hearing.

Retailer/Service Company: After hearing on merits, achieved 90% reduction in client’s tax assessment.

Other Success Stories

Internet Retailer:  Negotiated resolution of Multi-million Dollar, multi-year sales tax exposure for online retailer, avoiding nearly $1Million in sales tax exposure and $250,000 in penalties.  Assisted in selection and implementation of sales tax compliance software solution.

SAaS Provider: Successfully negotiated voluntary disclosures of sales tax in 7 states for a cloud-based SAaS provider, avoiding over $100,000 in penalties.

Cloud-based Information Service Provider: Successfully negotiated voluntary disclosures of sales tax in 12 states, avoiding nearly $250,000 in penalties.

Retailer/Rental/Service Provider: Successfully negotiated abatement and waiver of approximately $500,000 in penalties and interest relating to collected and unremitted sales tax. Secured multi-year payment plans to minimize immediate impact of resulting liabilities. Integrated, maintained and transitioned enhanced sales tax compliance process for company's finance team.

Renewable Energy Facility: Secured sales tax exemption for assets and related maintenance costs for renewable energy facility in Maryland. Results were utilized by company as basis for securing prospective property tax exemption for same costs.

Manufacturer/High Tech Service Provider: Secured favorable sales tax ruling from taxing authority regarding the provision of company's products to customers, ensuring a competitive platform for the company, while meeting its tax obligations.

Multistate Tax Matrix Development: Developed multistate sales tax decision matrices for several dozen companies, including: a Fortune 1000 online brokerage company; one of the nation’s largest sellers of products and solutions to the wireless communications industry; one of the nation’s largest recyclers of aluminum containers in the U.S; and a global communications company.

Tax Refund Success Stories

Apparel Company: Successfully represented America’s fastest growing sports apparel and footwear company in securing refund of overpaid Maryland sales tax, as well as resolution of several audits, including Virginia, most recently.

Baker/Retail Company: Obtained six-figure refund of bulk sales tax paid on acquisition of exempt production equipment.

High-tech Company: Obtained refund of sales tax paid on exempt equipment. Also negotiated settlement of "penalty-free" historical liabilities with State.

Real Estate Developer/Construction Company: Obtained six-figure refund of sales tax paid on materials for qualifying exempt job.

Nonprofit Organization: Secured use of overpayments as periodic offsets against audit liability findings, nearly eliminating liability and reducing related interest on net tax resulting.