Reverse Audits (Tax Recovery)

Whether you are a manufacturer, construction contractor, real estate developer, software developer, not for profit organization, a distributor, or other retailer or service provider, there are numerous sales tax and other tax exemptions, tax credits and incentives available not only in your home state but in other states in which you conduct activities or maintain a taxable presence. Our tax and legal expertise will ensure that your company is maximizing its exemption, credit and incentive opportunities, while minimizing its tax obligations and exposure.

We provide our diagnostic opportunity analysis - in which we identify not only potential refund opportunities, but also potential unrecorded exposure - free to your company as an investment in the Reverse Audit process. Furthermore, we typically provide our Tax Recovery services on a contingent fee basis, meaning that we do not get paid until we have identified, filed and secured your refund in your hands, availing you not only to the historical benefits of the opportunity, but also to the prospective annuity benefits as well.